Cat Hospice

There for your pets when they need us the most

Our Service Area

Cats are Family Too!'s service area has changed! We will continue to service the following suburbs in their entirety.

- Northfield, IL
- Glenview, IL
- Northbrook, IL

- Wilmette, IL

- WInnetka, IL

- Deerfield, IL
- Glencoe, IL
- Morton Grove, IL

- Highland Park, IL


We will service the following suburbs in part, as follows:


- Evanston - up to Green Bay Road on the east, and Emerson Road to the south. Northern and western boundaries same as those for Evanston border.
- Skokie - up to Dempster Road on the south. All other boundaries same as those for Skokie border.


Pricing continues to be based on distance (please see below for pricing of various services). 

Note: Google Maps is used to determine distance.

Palliative care

"Palliative care" is about primarily improving the quality of life of the pet, rather than attempting to cure the ailment it has. Many diseases and health conditions really fall into this category (both for pets and humans). One that probably is more prevalent than others with cats is chronic kidney disease. There is no "cure" per se, so all treatment for it is geared toward alleviating the symptoms and improving quality of life.

We provide in-home palliative care for your cats in the event you find yourself unable to completely take on the caregiver role, regardless of reason. We will administer fluids and medications as prescribed by your vet, and on a schedule as suggested by your vet. 

- Initial Meet & Greet - no charge!
- Within 7 miles...

     - $27/30 minute visit
     - $38/45 minute visit

     - $49/60 minute visit

     - $16/15 minute social visit**

- Between 7-10 miles...

     - $32/30 minute visit

     - $45/45 minute visit

     - $58/60 minute visit
     - $19/15 minute social visit**

- Holiday fees...

     - $5 additional per visit on designated holidays (see below)

**Social visits are supplemental extra visits that are done in addition to the regular visits, and are geared toward cats who are more social and need more interaction. During social visits, we will interact and play with your cats as much as they need or want during the 15 minutes. No feeding, litter scooping, etc is done during this time. It is purely, as the name implies, a social visit.


- Entire Memorial Day Weekend (Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday)

- July 4th Holiday (the 3rd, 4th and 5th)*

- Entire Labor Day Weekend (Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday)

- Thanksgiving Holiday (Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday)

- Christmas/New Years Holiday (December 23rd - January 1st)

*If July 4th falls on a Friday or Monday, there will be an additional day added to this.

Respite Care

F​or those are have taken on the full roll of caregiver for your sick pet... one of the things that truly planted the seed for this business was when we realized how difficult it was to get away for even a few hours. Whether your pet has an illness that can bring on symptoms suddenly, or you just want to make sure someone is there with them at all times, we can help fill in the gap so that you, the caregiver, can take care of yourself as well.

We fully understand the need to get away and refresh the mind and spirit. We tend to forget this when we are in the full caregiver position, however. 

- Initial Meet & Greet - no charge! (may or may not apply if existing pet sitting client)

- Up to 30 minutes driving/waiting time...

     - $25 (clock starts upon arrival at pick-up point/ends at drop-off)

     - $10 each additional 15 minutes (over the original 30)

Hospice Care

At some point, pets will begin to enter their final life stages. Obviously, if the pet is suffering, we do not want them to continue to suffer. We will not hesitate to recommend euthanasia at this point. However, we also realize that death is a natural process. If we have absolutely no doubt that the pet is suffering, we will help you through this process at home. We may talk with your vet on the phone as we realize it may be too difficult for you to do so. We can be there if you need to leave to clear your head. First and foremost, we will make sure your cat is not suffering as they transition. 

While we do realize that everyone has different thoughts on the topic of euthanasia - we do not condone allowing a pet to suffer. This includes dying as a result of simply not eating.

- Initial Meet & Greet - no charge!

- Within 7 miles...

     - $27/up to 30 minutes

     - $12/each additional 15 minutes

- Between 7-10 miles...

     - $32/up to 30 minutes

     - $15/each additional 15 minutes

- Holiday fees...

     - $5 additional per visit on designated holidays (see FAQ)

Other Services

These are services that we do not typically offer, but can do on a case-by-case basis. Prices to be negotiated at the time of the meet & greet, unless indicated.

- Initial Meet & Greet - no charge!

- Overnight stays - $150 (9pm-6am), done on a case by case basis
- Pets other than cats (note - dog walking is not an available service)






Closed on the following dates:

None at this time!

Fully booked on the following dates:

None at this time!


3 S. Branch Rd.

Northfield, IL 60093
C / 773-860-7033 (text please!)

NOTE FOR NEW CLIENTS: Please be sure to contact us via email, text or webform for your first communication! Please DO NOT CALL for the first communication. We can call after the first communication.

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