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Adventures in Cat Sitting! - August 9, 2016 edition

Last Saturday, I started sitting for my first client - at least as a professional cat sitter. This little girl is absolutely amazing. I'm seriously spoiled now.

Isn't she purdy?

Anyway, we're halfway through the sit. We've got our routine down pat at this point. She greets me at the door, I feed/check food, clean litter, check water, all that good stuff. And then time to play! And snuggle and everything else she may feel like doing at that point. Sometimes, she decides to give a bath. This pic is post-bath, so she's nice and clean.

Anyway, it's been pretty un-eventful. Today was a bit on the "shake-it up" side though. This morning, I managed to scare myself and the kitty when trying to figure out how to take the smoke detector (that had that "low battery" annoying beep going on) and ended up setting the dang thing off. I was shaking so bad! But was very proud that I managed to scoop the litter without dropping it all over the place for my shakiness.

After that, I decided if the kitty was not being bothered by it (and she wasn't), then I'd let it go. I sure as heck don't want to set that thing off again. I'm horrible with these new-fangled alarms that are attached to the electrical AND have a battery. Have them in my house too, ugh.

Anyway, all in all, it's been a good sit.

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