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It's all about communication...

I've on occasion had folks as me what my preferred method of communication is for business. When I first entered the workforce 20 years ago, there were very few methods - telephone calls, writing a letter and mailing it (aka "snail-mail"), or good ol' fashioned face-to-face.

Nowadays, we have a whole lot of methods of communicating. They all pretty much have the same objective, and the majority involve reading something, but everyone has a preferred method. Here are the method's I use for Cats are Family Too!, in order of preference. - Email / Contact page (both end up in my email inbox, so whichever is easiest for you)

- Text - Social media messaging (Facebook/Twitter/etc) - Phone call**

Regarding social media messaging, you can by all means contact me there if you'd like, but I will direct you to email me if you do. I prefer not to do business via social media, but "first contact" if you will is just fine! Anyway, just thought I'd mention this. If you prefer to use text, by all means, you can use text. Text is great! I am just an email kinda gal :) **My biggest reason for phone calls being dead last is that I get so many spam calls, I rarely answer anymore unless I have someone in my phone's contact list already. So if we have already spoken via some other method, and you've provided your phone number, odds are you're in my contact list. If this is your first time contacting me though, please, use email or text.

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