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A note about the upcoming holidays

Happy Labor Day everyone! I thought this would be a good time to discuss something about the upcoming holidays, which are right around the corner (and you know they'll be here before you know it). I am requesting that folks put in any requests for sits taking place in November and December at least ONE MONTH in advance. This is regardless of whether or not the sit is taking place over a holiday. If the sit will be happening at any time in November or December, my request is that it be made one month in advance. For any sits over New Year's Eve (12/31/16-1/1/17), I request TWO MONTHS advance notice. I have several reasons for this, including the fact that I will be making my own plans based on my sitting schedule this year. If you need a sitter for NYE, but don't tell me until a few weeks before, there's a good chance I will have already made plans by that point.

Now, that is not to say I'll be turning anyone away if you don't do it exactly one month in advance, or two months for NYE. If you ask me a few weeks before you need the sit, and I am available, then of course I will take the job. However, be aware that there IS a chance that I will have made plans. Or, that others will have already put in their requests in advance and will be booked. I will be putting any days that I am unavailable on my website - just scroll down to the bottom of any page you are on and you will see it!

I appreciate your understanding, and look forward to helping take care of your kitties, whenever it may happen.

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