• Aldona Birmantas

Vacation, yippee!

A week from tomorrow, I leave for Minneapolis to see my friends get married! Super-excited about it! With that said, while we are always connected (yay internet!) I cannot guarantee I'll reply quickly, or even the same day. Worst case, I will reply by Sunday (9/25) evening for any existing clients (especially those with sits coming up). New clients, I will reply by Monday morning. I will be completely unavailable 9/23-9/25, so apologies in advance if anyone needs a sitter on those days. Business as usual starts again on Monday, 9/26.


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Closed on the following dates:

None at this time!

Fully booked on the following dates:

None at this time!


3 S. Branch Rd.

Northfield, IL 60093

C / 773-860-7033 (text please!)

NOTE FOR NEW CLIENTS: Please be sure to contact us via email, text or webform for your first communication! Please DO NOT CALL for the first communication. We can call after the first communication.

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