• Aldona Birmantas

2016 in Review

It's been a long, crazy and really tumultuous year. 2016 will go down in history for a lot of negative reasons, that is for certain.

On a personal level, there has been a fair share of both good and bad. While still mourning the loss of my kitty Lucky, my little Sara Bear got sick with the same god-awful disease he had, albeit for different reasons (both had acute on chronic renal failure). This ultimately took her on April 28th. However, this pushed forward a thought I'd had since taking care of Lucky - that of wanting to get into animal care.

I did not come into this year thinking I would start a pet sitting business. If anyone had even suggested such a thing, I probably would have laughed and said they were crazy. But sure enough, on June 30, 2016, I made the decision that this was going to be a business. What a ride it has been! It has been a bit of an adventure opening my own business, but what a pleasure it is to care for all the kitties that I have. I have learned a lot about myself in the process, which is truly a treasure within itself. There has been some sadness already, having a kitty client pass away a few days ago (rest in peace, Ramsey). It is difficult, but I know it is part of the pet sitting ride. And this crazy ride called "life" as a whole. And a big thank you to all of my clients! You are the reason I'm here, and the reason I will continue to be here going into 2017. I'm excited for what is to come with Cats are Family Too! I looking forward to continuing this ride with all of you, along with the others that will join along the way.

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