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Memorial Day Week booking is OPEN!

Look at this happy boy, doing somersaults in anticipation of more sunshine! Technically, there is no such thing as booking too early, but for holidays (especially the bigger travel holidays) I'll have an "open season" if you will. As of March 1st, booking is open for Memorial Day Week/Weekend! So if you are looking for a cat sitter for any time between 5/20 and 5/30, get in touch with me as soon as your finalize your own plans (not at the last minute! see note below) and we will make it happen!

Note: On May 4th, at 5pm, booking for the time period between 5/20-5/30 will be officially closed. If my calendar fills up sooner than that, it may close off sooner. This is why it's imperative that you let me know as soon as you know your own plans.

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