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New policies section... and new key policy

At long last, Cats are Family Too! has a policy section on the website! For the most part, these have been in place since the beginning, but I never had them documented on the website.

There is one new one though - the key policy. Basically, from here on out, with the exception of the meet & greet, I will be charging for key pick-up and for key drop-off (two separate charges). Each will be at the same cost as a visit.

Why is this being done? Well, quite a few folks have been requesting it, and it adds up to a lot of time spent on picking up and dropping off keys after awhile. So, as the business has grown, I have realized that I have to account for this growing amount of time spent picking up and dropping off keys. Hence, the key policy. Please be sure to go the link above to read all the details of the new policy.

How can you avoid paying these fees? Well, the simplest way, and the preferred one, is to keep a key on file. I keep keys that are not actively in use in a locked safe. That way, when you want me to cat sit for you again, no key arrangements need to be made - I just go and do the sit! Another option is to keep the key in a place that is accessible to both of us. You can purchase a lock-box similar to the ones that realtors use and keep it by the door (they are cheaper than the fee!), or have it in another, less secure location. That would be up to you.

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