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Booking for July 4th Holiday is officially open!

And yet another holiday weekend is not far from mind! Independence Day is nine weeks away, can you believe it?

With that said, booking is open for the July 4th Holiday! While we don't have any limits on how far in advance, this is about the time we start officially talking about booking for the holiday. July 4th Holiday is July 1st through July 5th. If you are thinking you'll be going away during that time, be sure to get your request in no later than Thursday, June 15th. Booking for the any or all dates falling between July 1st and July 5th will be closed on that date.

As always - there are no holiday fees at Cats are Family Too! Regular cancellation fee applies - no charge as long as you cancel more than a day in advance. $25 cancellation fee is applied if cancelled the day before, barring any emergencies. To learn more about cancellation and other policies, visit our Policies page.

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