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New for 2018

New Years is probably my favorite holiday. You just get to start everything all over again. That also applies to this business. There are a couple of changes we plan on implementing this year that will be discussed in this post.

- Changes to Service Area

We have decided to restructure our service area. We will continue to provide service to the following suburbs in their entirety:





Morton Grove



Highland Park


Evanston & Skokie will continue to have partial service as follows: Evanston will be serviced up to Green Bay Road to the east, and to Emerson Road to the south. Northern and western borders of Evanston will serve as the boundaries for the service area. Skokie will be serviced up to Dempster Road to the south. All other borders of Skokie will serve as the boundaries to the east, north and west. These changes are effective immediately. We will NOT be cutting any existing clients as a result of this restructure. Existing clients are grandfathered in. This will only apply to NEW clients.

- Addition of Holiday Fees

After much thought, we have decided to add a holiday fee during designated holiday periods. This addition of holiday fees will be taking effect starting with the Memorial Day holiday in 2018.

The extra fee will be $5 extra per visit during the designated holiday periods as listed below. The holidays selected are based on the legal federal holidays.

Entire Memorial Day weekend (Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday) July 4th holiday (7/3, 7/4, 7/5) Entire Labor Day weekend (Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday) Entire Thanksgiving weekend (Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday) Christmas/New Years holiday (12/23 - 1/1)

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