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New Policy for New Client Requests

We try hard to be as accommodating as possible in terms of accepting new client requests. We have taken requests via text, email, web form, and in the past, phone call. While we will continue to accept phone calls from existing clients (we do have a few that call!), new client requests will need to come via (preferably) email or web form, but will continue to accept via text.

As many others can probably relate, we are just inundated with spam and scam calls. While we have tried to filter them out, trying to find the time to go through all the voicemails has been difficult, and yes, we have missed a few new client opportunities. In at least one case, we would have had to say no because we were booked, but I did feel bad about that.

So, we have decided that going forward, we won't be taking requests via phone call. We realize we may still miss out on some and that is a chance we have decided to take. The vast majority use our preferred methods.

We are not saying that we refuse to talk to new potential clients on the phone at all. If you want to speak on the phone, please just contact us via one of our preferred methods and mention that you would like to speak on the phone. We will call you back at our earliest convenience and email you as such, with an approximate time.

Any questions, as always, please feel free to email us.

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