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**PLEASE READ** Dates of Limited or No Availability (updated 6/24/23)

Updated: Jun 25, 2023

We will be updating this at least once a month. The date ranges affected are listed below. A brief explanation of terms used:

- CLOSED - no sitters are available at all, and we cannot provide service during this time. Please utilize your backup service for these dates.

- LIMITED AVAILABILITY - I (Aldona), being the primary pet sitter, have limits on how much I can do, or have taken off completely. My sitters may have availability, but not guaranteed. If all sitters end up being unavailable, it will be changed to "Closed". We highly recommend not making last minute requests for dates with limited availability.

- FULLY BOOKED - we have no availability because we have fully utilized all sitters for other visits. We can put people on a waiting list if requested, or we can make a recommendation for a backup if we are aware of one. However, that is not a guarantee that they have availability.

PLEASE NOTE - Everything is fluid. Things change, circumstances change. If we are showing limited availability now, that does not mean it won't change to fully booked or closed down the line. Flip side of the coin, fully booked can change to limited availability if circumstances change. Always check immediately prior to requesting visits.

For any visit requests starting less than two weeks from the time of the request, it should be assumed that availability will be limited, even if not on this list. We all make plans here as well and figure we're usually pretty safe two weeks out. So please keep this in mind when making your requests!


Dates Ranges we are Closed, have Limited Availability, or are Fully Booked (in chronological order):

July 5, 2023 - July 10, 2023 - LIMITED AVAILABILITY

July 13, 2023 - July 16, 2023 - LIMITED AVAILABILITY

August 23, 2023 - August 28, 2023 - CLOSED

October 18, 2023 - October 24, 2023 - LIMITED AVAILABILITY

November 13, 2023 - November 20, 2023 - LIMITED AVAILABILITY

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