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Operation: Litter Box Cleaning/Changing

So, this weekend is pretty full. First day of cat sitting for my new client, a barbecue at my nephew's place tomorrow, a fund raiser at Harmony House on Sunday, and cleaning/changing of the litter boxes. Fun fun!

We are only going to be doing two (of the four) litter boxes this weekend. Will probably do the other two the next weekend. These are two proper litter boxes though, that were marketed as such. Awhile back, with the help of the Cat Whisperer (that's my name for the patient coordinator) at my vet's office, I turned a 30-gallon bin into a litter box for my senior kitty. I decided then that I was never going to by a regular litter box again! So, that meant I had to create two new ones to replace the ones getting cleaned.

The other day, I went to Target and bought two 18-gallon bins, and another 30-gallon bin (for when I clean that one). Check!

Today, I cut openings on the end with our box cutter. I hadn't done this with the last one, so was a bit surprised how hard it was to cut through it! Plus I was cutting on the end with the handle, so that didn't help much. But I got 'er done! Check!

My cat Pea-Pea did her quality control check to make sure that she could get through the opening comfortably. She seemed ok with it, may cut the opening a bit more after the other kitties do their quality control checks. So... semi-check!

Next on the list, dumping the litter in the current litter boxes, scrub 'em outside, and then let them dry. Also have to clean the floor where they're at, it got kinda gnarly with Pea-Pea missing the side of the box a few times. I wiped it up but it needs a proper cleaning, and I couldn't get to them properly before. So, once that's done, I'll put these newly-fashioned litter boxes out there and fill them with litter. And then, done for the time being!

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