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Refer-a-Friend Program!

Are you a client of Cats are Family Too! Cat Sitting Service? Did you love the service provided? Do you have a friend or family member with kitties of their own, looking for someone to provide excellent care for them in their absence? And finally, would you like to pay a bit less on your next visit?

Let me introduce a new program being rolled out in 2017 - the Cats are Family Too! Refer-a-Friend Program. How does it work, you may be asking. Well, let me break it down here...

1. Refer a friend to Cats are Family Too! (note: they must be located in our service area!).

2. Your friend emails us to set up a meet & greet (and of course gives your name as a reference!).

3. I will email you making you aware that your friend has mentioned your name during a meet & greet.

4. After the first sit has been completed with the friend you referred to us, you will get a $10 credit applied to your account!

5. I will email you one more time letting you know that the requirements for the credit have been fulfilled, and it will be applied on your next sit.

That's it! Very simple, isn't it? Since visits are now closed for the rest of the year, we are only taking requests for visits taking place on January 2, 2017 or later. Just a note - you must be a client who has already had at least one sit with us at the time of referral to get the credit. And of course, once your friend is a client of ours, they can also take part in the Refer-a-Friend program!

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