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Memorial Day Holiday booking cutoff is two weeks away!!

I know, I can't believe this date is only two weeks away either! But, two weeks from today is indeed May 4th, which is the cutoff date for any cat sitting bookings between May 20th and May 30th. Do you already have plans on going on a mini-vacay for any or all of those dates, but still haven't arranged for a sitter for your feline companions? Don't dawdle on finding a sitter for your kitty! Make sure to get your request in now.

Are you still on the fence about going away for the holiday? Not a problem. Let me know the dates that you might be going somewhere if you were to choose to do so. That way, I can put you on the calendar as "tentative", and will verify the dates and the booking itself with you a couple weeks beforehand.

And, as always, there is no extra fee for the holidays!

Any questions? Feel free to ask!!

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