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Maple's Journey - 3/5/18

Apologies for such a dark photo, but Miss Maple was sleeping an didn't want to wake her with the flash.

Wednesday and Thursday were particularly rough days for Maple. Had a hard time getting her to eat her pill pockets, which meant a hard time getting her meds into her. She was losing interest in eating. And had some unpleasant.... errr bathroom incidents... Tuesday night that I discovered on Wednesday morning. Thursday I called the vet and he suggested an internist visit as a way of moving up the ultrasound appointment by default. So, we have an appointment this Wednesday at 10am.

Interesting thing, the next day, she started perking up a bit. Hey, whatever it takes. She still can't eat a lot at one time, so lots of little meals throughout the day. She seems to be handling a little bit more today, which makes me happy as you can imagine!

I have to make sure she doesn't eat for 12 hours before the appointment, so that means food gets cut off at 10pm sharp tomorrow. So she's gonna be one demanding kitty come morning. It also means three other unhappy kitties because if Maple can't eat, neither can the others. No good way to isolate her unfortunately. Ah well, it's just one evening. Will hopefully have results to discuss for the next update.

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