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I Wanna Know What You're Thinking (Feline Friday Series)

Do you remember that 80s new wave hit by Information Society “What’s on Your Mind”? This is one of the countless songs that works its way into my head on a somewhat regular basis. When this happens, like with any other songs, I sing it to the cats. This week’s post was inspired by the fact that it’s happened again, and this little ditty has been stuck in my head all week. It’s entirely possible that Betty and Marge are sick of hearing it by now, but who knows?

Now, I always sing to the cats, but this particular song is especially fun and relevant because I really *do* want to know what they are thinking. It’s fun to use my imagination and assume or write a story, so to speak, about whatever’s going on in their heads, but it sure would be fascinating to just know for a fact.

Luckily for me and my own amusement, Betty and Marge are incredibly expressive cats. They each have several facial expressions and they’ll each always throw out a new one from time to time. Betty usually leans towards the more bratty, uppity facial expressions, as well as looking very skeptical or just generally “over it”. On the flip side, though, she’ll also often look very concerned or crazy-eyed (huge pupils). Marge is very much the “Queen of Derp”, with her array of goofy faces, though over time, she has definitely found her own niche with the “RBF” and just plain ‘ol regular sass.

Whenever they’re really showing off their personalities like this, I’ve always found it fun to imagine what they are thinking behind those looks; paint a picture, if you will. With Betty, it usually involves some type of loathing towards Marge and how she needs to get off Betty’s lawn (“millennials, ugh”) or sometimes maybe thinking I am a big, dumb jerk (“humans, sigh”). Marge often makes me think of some little kid that has something harmlessly mischievous up her sleeve or rolling her eyes at Betty acting like an old fart.

Of course, this is me spinning my own tales based off my assumptions. How can one really know what their pet is thinking? Is that even possible? Well, I suppose, like with a lot of things, it depends on who you ask. Some people will take their curiosity to the next level and get a reading from a pet psychic. A pet psychic? Huh, what in the world is a pet psychic?

A pet psychic is an animal communicator that can communicate with your pet, living or deceased (though, to my knowledge, this is primarily done with living pets). This can be done with the animal in person or even with a photo. Common reasons a person may visit a pet psychic is to find out things like whether or not their pet is happy, what can be done to improve their quality of life, how this pet feels about other people or pets in their life and even how they are feeling health-wise (though, it is always advised to take an ill pet to the vet asap). For those who inquire about pets who have since passed, it is not uncommon for those pets to convey their gratitude and well wishes.

Granted, this is not an avenue I have ever explored before, I’ve just heard about it here and there over the years, though I do find it intriguing. If this has also piqued your curiosity,might I recommend a great opportunity to come and experience it for yourself this very weekend? On Sunday, August 5th, Harmony House for Cats is hosting a pet psychic fair at the shelter from 1-4pm at 2914 n. Elston. Pets will not be allowed at this event, so please bring a photo. There will be snacks, various items for sale, as well as the most important thing of all-cats!

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