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In Loving Memory... 2018

On this day in 2015, we said goodbye to my sweet boy Lucky, who had become terminally ill with acute renal failure likely caused by a tumor. Since then, I started my business, Cats are Family Too! Cat Sitting Service. I often refer to my business as Lucky's legacy.

We work with many special needs cats as the focus of this business. Sadly, we also experience much loss as well. We have decided that on this day each year, we will officially make a donation to Harmony House for Cats, equal to a percentage of our September income (originally done as part of the Walk for Cats), in memory of those who crossed the Bridge. This year, 5% came out to $191.25, which we are rounding up to $200.

Below are those we've said goodbye to this year.

Moto Misiu Miles Percy Popcorn Pepe Phoebe Torrey Taz Bee Gee Penny Pan Couscous

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